Klas Flour 5kg T-500


Klas Flour is product of mechanical grinding (miling) and sifting of grains. From a nutritional point of view, flour is semi-finished product that serves as a basic raw material to produce bread, pastries, biscuits, pastas and cake, or as an admixture in the preparation of meals.

Klas Flour is of high quality and nutritional properties.

Klas is one of very few manufactures who do not add any enzymes or additives into the flour!

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Ingredients: wheat flour. Contains wheat gluten. Store in a dry and cool place.

Nutritional values

Nutrition declaration per 100 g
Energy (kJ/kcal)
Fat (g) g
of which saturates (g) g
Carbohydrate (g) g
of which sugars (g) g
Fiber (g) g
Protein (g) g
Salt (g) g

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Weight 5000 g



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