Jana Natural Mineral Water still 1.5l


Jana emerged 7000 years ago when nature was completely intact. Hidden at the depth of more than 800 meters, it preserves original life values.
The first encounter of Jana with the today’s world occurs at the moment of opening the bottle, when its values become part of us. Due to an extraordinary depth from which it is drawn, under old dolomite rocks, it is characterized by an extraordinary mineral composition in which the ratio of calcium and magnesium is particularly important. On its thousand-year journey from the underground through layers of mineral rocks, Jana became naturally rich with minerals, which gives her a unique and recognizable silky taste. The state-of-the-art bottling technology enables the natural mineral water to be filled from the depth of 800 meters directly into the bottles without any external influence, maintaining its original natural pureness.

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Under the cover of old dolomite rocks, it emerges from the depth of 800 m, protected from all pollution risks.
It set out for its underground journey 7000 years ago, which preserved its original quality.
It is bottled directly at the spring, in a completely controlled process, using the state-of-the-art bottling technology.
It has optimal mineral composition giving her a mild and gentle taste.
Additional boiling is not necessary, it is naturally pure and meets all the hygiene standards, which makes it perfectly safe for children.
Calcium-magnesium ratio 2:1.
pH value 7.1.
Low sodium concentration makes it suitable for low-sodium diets.
Contains silicon, which has an important role in skin care.

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Jamnica, Jana


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