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Jamnica is a refreshing sparkling natural mineral water without any calories that naturally improves digestion, which is why is it recommended with a meal. For the said reasons, it is especially loved in gastronomy and hospitality industry. It has a unique taste, balanced mineral composition and refreshing sparkling quality. Jamnica refreshes and quenches thirst, it is excellent in combination with wines and other drinks, and has a very beneficial effect on human digestive system. It is a must during summer heat because it replaces absolutely necessary minerals.

Jamnica has a very long tradition, dating back to 1828, when it was included in the register of mineral waters of the Viennese Court and enjoyed by the empress Maria Theresa herself. Jamnica is drawn from the spring Janino vrelo at the depth of 500 meters, where water is protected from all types of pollution, which is a result of durable and consistent spring quality.

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Sparkling natural mineral water.

Naturally contains minerals that are necessary for proper functioning of the body, but which the body itself cannot produce.
With naturally balanced mineral composition and sparkling quality, Jamnica is distinguished by a unique taste, making it an ideal refreshing drink with every meal.
amnica has a very long tradition. Its production began back in 1828, which is highlighted on every bottle of Jamnica still today

In Croatia, Jamnica has been the sparkling mineral water number 1 for a number of years (Source: The Nielsen Company, Retail panel in Croatia, without Discounters and HoReCa, January – December 2019.)

Jamnica’s volume market share amounted to 69% in 2019, which makes it an absolute leader on the market in the category of sparkling non-flavoured natural mineral waters (Source: The Nielsen Company, Retail panel in Croatia, without Discounters and HoReCa, January – December 2019.)

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