Top candy adventures to try in Croatia

Items on this list are delicious and generations of Croats were raised nibbling on these sweets, and we turned out just fine. You can choose different flavors and combinations of each product and, basically, you can’t go wrong. But for the perfect experience, do not read nutrition facts because you might cry. In case you did read it…you can swim, walk or run calories off. Find these candies in our and enjoy!

Domacica – chocolate-coated tea biscuit that has one major problem: it’s impossible to eat just one Domacica! Btw, the name translates as ‘housewife’…interesting.

Napolitanke – amazing combination of crispy wafer sheets filled with tasty cream. Will go to sugar coma for this!

Ki-ki – chewy, sticky, fruit flavored square toffee. In Croatia, kids bring sweets to school on their birthday to treat their classmates and Ki-ki candy is an absolute must-have in the bag.

Cokolino – children food for adults! Tiny wheat flakes flavored with chocolate, prepared with milk. There are two fractions of Cokolino lovers when it comes to preparation: ones that like it liquid, and others who prepare it so that, when you put a spoon in it, it stays up and doesn’t move.

Tortica – ‘Don’t think about Tortica’ is repeated in TV commercial for this small chocolaty delight. It’s similar to already mentioned Napolitanke covered in dark chocolate (sweet lord, that’s good), but yet different in an unexplainable way. Try both and see for yourself. ‘Don’t think about Tortica’… easier said than done.

Lino lada – major diet spoiler! This creamy splendor can be served on bread, pancakes or straight from the jar, with a spoon.  Mmmmm, pancake master with this, you will become!

Bajadera – royalty pralines that Croats buy when they want to thank (bribe) a doctor, clerk or professor. These chocolate pralines with nougat and almond center are the first confectionary product to be granted the ‘Croatian Creation’ label. Bajadera is expensive, so it’s not something you will buy for a family member you see once a year (buy them Napolitanke). You buy Bajadera for your closest family and friends or for that foodie you like (or to bribe your boss in giving you that promotion, Croatian style).

Cedevita – only intruder on this candy list. But it’s a Croatian classic. An instant vitamin drink mixed with water for great refreshment. You will notice people drinking it on the cafe terrace while ‘pomalo’ mode is on during long, hot days.

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