FUCHS – Dried Oregano 12g


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Oregano (also called wild marjoram) tastes much more intense when dried than the fresh herb. With its tart, spicy and slightly bitter, smoky aroma, oregano is a typical southern herb among herbs.

Cooking with oregano:
Oregano does not tolerate long cooking times, otherwise it spreads a bitter taste. It is therefore best to add the Mediterranean herb to the food shortly before serving. The gently peppery taste of oregano goes particularly well with Mediterranean cuisine and goes well with other spices and herbs from southern Europe (e.g. garlic, thyme, basil).

Typical dishes with oregano:
Oregano is particularly at home in Italian cuisine: it belongs in tomato sauces, on pizzas or in risottos. The Greeks add oregano to souvlaki and the traditional farmer’s salad, in Tex-Mex cuisine the richly varied spice goes with chili con carne.


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