FUCHS – Dried Dill 11g


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FUCHS freeze-dried dill tips are easy to dose. Thanks to gentle freeze-drying, the aroma and colors remain full and intense.
Although closely related to fennel, the refreshingly aromatic taste of dill is sometimes remotely reminiscent of caraway seeds. The medicinal herb, which was already used by the ancient Egyptians, was probably brought to northern Europe by monks in the Middle Ages, where it developed into an extremely versatile herb. Whether herb butter, pickles, salad dressing or pickled preserves: dill is (almost) always there.

Cooking with dill:
In salad dressing, in gentle herbal sauces with fish and white meat, as the icing on the cake in pickled vegetables or fish stock or with young vegetables – dill is a real all-rounder in the kitchen.

Typical dishes with dill:
The gravlax, a salmon specialty from Scandinavia pickled with salt, sugar and dill, is one of the classic dill recipes, as are Polish salt and dill cucumbers or boiled eggs in dill sauce. Also in the traditional Frankfurt green sauce (delicious with jacket potatoes!) Dill tips are usually included.


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